Come Over for Brunch

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

December 2018

New York, NY

Seven for Eight was conceived earlier this year, during a hike in Upstate New York. Between scenic views and snack breaks, we began talking about how our family's love language is food. We grew up with a big extended family who looked forward to weekly dinners together. Everyone pitched in not out of obligation, but because it brought them joy. And decades later, it brings us joy as well.

But this isn't the case for everyone. Entertaining at home isn't easy. Everything from the menu to the mood should be thoughtfully planned, and guest preferences should be considered, as should common etiquette. A lot goes into entertaining successfully, and we want to make that a little easier for you. We'll share tricks, feature parties that we've hosted or attended, and hopefully make hosting a little more effortless for you.

To kick things off, Sara prepared an intimate brunch for us at her apartment, with a little bubbly to celebrate the holidays.



How many guests?

Just the two of us! 

How did you set the mood?

I improvised a fireplace by lighting a christmas-tree scented incense and a fireplace scented candle about 10 minutes before you were set to arrive, and put a crackling yule log on the TV. Make do with what you have! This was a super causal get together, but I think linen napkins and a nice champagne bucket can make anything feel special.

What was on the menu?

  • Gravlax (I added grated beets to this recipe to give it a festive hue) with scallion and dill cream cheese and sourdough bread

  • Fruit Salad

  • Kale Salad with pecorino and toasted hazelnuts

How did you get it done?

The gravlax needs to be prepared two days in advance. Otherwise, I prepped the kale and fruit salads the night before so I could sleep in on Saturday.

Any party tricks?

Not really...does distracting you with champagne while I finished prepping the meal count?

Air your dirty dish -- did anything go wrong that you hoped people wouldn't notice?

Nope, but hopefully you wouldn't mind if something did.

Best part of the brunch?

Just spending time with ya kid!

Written by: Marisa Ortiz / as told to Seven for Eight

Photography: Jenn Park

© 2018 by Seven for Eight