Something I Learned From...The Broken Shaker Miami

The Broken Shaker is a bar tucked away in the backyard of The Freehand Hotel in Miami Beach. You can sit in it's small interior and watch skilled bartenders navigate dozens of homemade syrups amidst flickering and obscure prayer candles, and miscellaneous tchotchkes that shouldn't work, but do. Or, if your hair can tolerate the humidity, you may find yourself outside where you'll be greeted by stringed lights, vintage patio furniture, and a disco ball twirling by a string from the outdoor tiki bar.

I stop by The Broken Shaker whenever I'm in Miami not just because it's atmosphere is inexplicably perfect, but because the drinks are incredible. I found myself there on a particularly rough morning, after a particularly fun evening, and asked for a Bloody Mary. I was told that they make theirs with cucumber juice instead of tomato juice, and quickly learned that this magical-hangover-curing elixir would be the best drink I would ever have.

But the thing I learned above all from The Broken Shaker is the importance of the cocktail garnish. With every drink you order, you'll find flowers or ingredients floating on top. Doing this at home will not only elevate your bar's visual aesthetic, but will create a fun experience for guests.

Some do-at-home tips:

  • Swap lemon wedges for lemon slices (they'll float on the surface of the drink nicely)

  • Pre-skewer some fruit on toothpicks that guests can pick up and put in their drinks

  • Place cups filled with fresh herbs (such as mint or rosemary) that guests can put in their drinks.

  • Making punch? Using a cake tin, freeze some ingredients (i.e. lemon) in water to create a practical and beautiful ice block

Written by: Marisa Ortiz

Photography: Marisa Ortiz

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