Step Up Your Holiday Hostess Gift Game

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Our mother says that when you show up to a party, you should always "knock with your feet.  My arms are usually full with the typical things: a bottle of wine, a nice candle or some homemade cookies. I was planning on bringing one of those to my next holiday party when I stumbled upon the perfect gift walking up 28th street in Manhattan's flower district. For less than $30 including gift wrapping, the seasonably festive paperwhite is the perfect host or hostess gift for your next holiday party. It will last longer than a bottle of wine, is more unexpected than a candle, and requires much less time and effort than gifting something homemade. As an added bonus, it will match any party decor, and your host or hostess can put the flowers out as is without needing to find a vase.

This one's perfect in my book. Happy holidays!


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