The Coat Closet

What to do with all those coats!

As a kid, whenever my parents threw a cold-weather party, I was always on coat duty -- greeting family and friends at the front door and dragging armfuls of coats, hats, scarves and bags up the stairs and piling them onto my parents' bed.   But at the end of the night, when I was nowhere to be found, the guests were on their own, wondering where their belongings went.

When you throw a large party, there are so many details to think through -- the food, the music, the decor. One detail we often don't think about is where guests will put their coats. But having a clear plan will put both yourself and your guests at ease. You will not need to spend time taking and fetching coats at the beginning and end of the party, and your guests will not feel awkward asking where they can put or find their belongings.  

While I will always have a soft spot for a bed piled high with soft and fuzzy coats, I don't necessarily want said coats (that have been who knows where?) all over my bed. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house, it is worth investing in a coat rack. I use this one in my tiny apartment daily, but clear it off whenever I throw a party so guests have a dedicated space to hang their coats. Even in a large house, it makes for an extra special touch to have a separate coat rack for your guests. Added bonus: nobody needs to see what is hiding in your own coat closet!

Written by: Sara Ortiz

Photography: Jenn Park

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