The Hostess 15

You spent all day preparing food, setting up the bar, and making sure your space looks great for your guests. You're tired, but you're about to spend the next few hours entertaining others. We've all been there. Instead of stressing out, take the 15 minutes prior to start time for yourself. Spray on perfume, paint on lipstick, have a glass of champagne. Do whatever you need to relax and get yourself ready to enjoy the night. You've earned it. If there is still more that needs to be done, see if there is anyone that can take over for you while you take a break (a roommate, partner, or friend). I typically write a list of last minute things that my fiancé can handle while I take my hostess 15 - pick up ice, light the candles, put the music on. If there's no one there to help, take the break anyway - you'll thank yourself later while admiring how good you look in pictures, and no one will remember that dinner was served 15 minutes late.

Written by: Marisa Ortiz

Photography: Jenn Park

© 2018 by Seven for Eight